Angel Beds

Because safety is an issue with many of our angels parents have had to come up with creative ways to protect their angels at night. Some use dutch doors that are fastened closed. Others adapt the beds.

Some use the Vail bed . Vail beds are hospital style beds with netting. Some have been able to get insurance to cover the cost and if you decide to go that route you can talk to other parents to see how they did it.

Vail beds were recalled for safety issues. If you have a Vail bed you may want to research the problem. This was posted on the Vail bed website at one time. (they went bankrupt and may have opened under a new name.)

“On June 24, without consulting with Vail Products as to accuracy or appropriateness, the FDA issued a press release concerning new instruction manuals that Vail Products distributed to its customers last week. In that press release, the FDA stated that Vail Products had undertaken a “recall.” “Recall” is a term of art within the FDA that includes all changes to medical devices, including new instructions or labels. It is not a recall of the products, and there is no reason to discontinue use of the Vail Enclosed Bed Systems. In our May 6, 2005 letter to customers reemphasizing certain warnings and alerting customers to the new instructions that would be coming out, we informed customers that as long as they follow the instructions there is no reason to discontinue using the beds. The FDA approved that May 6 letter. The FDA’s unfortunate use of the word “recall” in its June 24 pr! ess release is causing unnecessary confusion. Vail Products is not recalling the beds in the sense of physically removing them, and there is no reason to do so. As we said in the FDA-approved letter on May 6, the beds are safe and effective for continued use as long as the instructions are carefully followed.”

Sleep Safe Beds

Posey Beds

Others design their own bed by adapting existing beds or building one from scratch. Here are some samples of beds that other parents have devised.

Jonathan's bed

Alex's bed

Nick's bed

Zach's bed

Jule's bed

Ali's bed

Andrew's bed

Brady's bed

Ryan's bed

Kean's bed

Luca's bed

Mason's bed

Link to Eliza's bed